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"Geospatial Analysis - A Comprehensive Guide (2018, 6th edition)", "Statistical Analysis Handbook (2018, 2nd edition)", "Towards Net Zero (2020/2022)", "Understanding Mathematics in the Digital Age (2018)". All titles are available in electronic form (special PDF and HTML-based formats - see links above) and in print form from Amazon or the author - see links below:

Geospatial Analysis | Statistical Analysis Handbook | Understanding Mathematics in the Digital Age | Towards Net Zero

A new Chinese edition of "Geospatial Analysis" 6th ed., is due to be published by Science Press (China) shortly

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Qualifications and Awards

Mathematics (BSc), Geography (BSc, MA, PhD). Associations: Fellow Royal Geographical Society, Fellow Royal Statistical Society, Freeman of the Corporation of the Town of Winchelsea. 2009 SPLINT Fellowship


2001-present: Academic research, publishing and lecturing. In this connection I have been associated with the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering at University College London (UCL) and the Department of Geography at UCL. During this period I taught the Spatial Analysis in GIS module of the UCL MSc GIS programme. Honorary Visiting Fellow (SPLINT CETL) at the University of Leicester (September-December 2009). I have also acted as a reviewer on a number of academic journals, including Computer Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (CACIE), Environment and Planning Series B , Annals of the Association of American Geographers (AAAG), Cartographica, Environmental Modelling and Software, and Computers, Environment and Urban Systems.

2006-present: Creation of the widely used open-access websites, and and associated books and e-books; design and development of Drumlin PDF security software and associated digital rights management (DRM) service and the Webdoxx web-based document distribution services.

1979-2001: Managing Director of telecommunications consultancy and computer systems businesses in association with Richard Clark and Dr Bill Bain. These were developments of the original consultancy operation, focusing latterly on real-time financial information systems (e.g. the design and development of Proquote,, subsequently sold to the London Stock Exchange). Following the sale of the main business to a public quoted company IS Solutions plc in April 2000 re-established links with UCL and continued commercial activities on a part-time base as a non-Executive Director of IS Solutions and as an independent consultant. Involved with the Prince's Trust Charity ( as a business mentor and in this capacity have supported three start-up businesses.

1974-9: Researcher, Communications Studies Group (CSG), University College London (UCL) - a unit specialising in optimal network design and video- and audio-conferencing. CSG subsequently became a commercial telecommunications consultancy, Communications Studies and Planning Ltd (CSandP, 1976 onwards). Much of this work was for the UK Post Office (now BT) and the UK Government (CCTA). In 1979 left CSandP and established an independent consultancy in collaboration with the (now retired) image coding expert, Richard Clark (

Other Older Publications (GIS, Spatial Analysis and Statistics)

PhD Thesis (pdf): Download here

2007 Encyclopedia of Geographic Information Science , K Kemp (ed.), Sage Publications Inc., "Topic: Software, GIS" (Dec 2007)

2006 Determination of gradient and curvature constrained optimal paths, Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (Jan 2006, Issue 21:1 ) (c.1Mbyte PDF)

2004 Distance transforms as a new tool in spatial analysis, urban planning and GIS, Environment & Planning B, 31(1), 85-104 (c.1Mbyte PDF)

2003 GIS and cyberspace: virtual London and the e-society. Envisioning cyber-geospace and spatially enabled e-government: Proceedings of the 8th International Seminar on GIS. Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements: 93-105 (P A Longley, M Batty, M. de Smith, S. Evans, M Farr, A Hudson-Smith, C Li, A Slingsby, R Webber).

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1976 An annotated bibliography of sources on the probability distributions of distances sampled within 2-dimensional bounded regions, Transport Studies Group, Univ. College, London

1974 A method for analysing complex bounded shapes, MA Thesis, Dept of Geography, Univ. of W. Ontario, Canada Book Reviews (Spatial Analysis)

Book Reviews

2005 Introduction to mathematical techniques used in GIS, by P Dale, CRC Press, in Environ. & Planning B, 32(5),790

2003 Uncertainty in geographical information, by J Zhang and M Goodchild, Taylor & Francis, in Environ. & Planning B, 30, 466-7